onehelluvabutler: (mc yuzuru)
2016-02-14 03:16 pm
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[ Hi! ]

[ Hi! Basil here! My Twitter is linked on the page and if you want, my Line is Dascini and my Skype is makingmiraclesbby. I'll be playing as Yuzuru! I'll do my best to play as him, but please excuse any mistakes! While I love Yuzuru, I have not rped a long time and I'm a bit of an anxious perfectionist when it comes to how I play as characters.

I'm fine RPing any ship you want. Even if I don't like it, I may come to like it through rping! No shipping is, of course, fine too! The only thing I ask not to rp would be NSFW! I'm just not very comfortable with it (though I am 18+).

I like both comedy and angst and drama and just general comfy stuff!

I'm looking forward to rping Yuzuru and exploring his character more!

Thanks for reading! ]